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If you're in the market for a high-performance laptop, you have plenty of choices. Unfortunately, you'll have to navigate a minefield of inferior options. Our laptop reviews and buying guides are here to help you find and compare the best 2015 laptops for your needs and your budget.

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Apple: Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2015

It's good to be the king -- and it's good for you, too. Apple is simply the best laptop maker when it comes to reviews, performance, tech support, keyboards and touchpads, audio quality and preloaded software.

Dell: Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2015

Dell saw a meteoric rise this year, going from fifth place to second. Despite being the third-most popular brand -- with 12.8 percent market share, according to Gartner -- the company hasn't always fared so well on our evaluations.

HP: Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2015

Hot on the heels of Dell's second-place finish, HP takes the bronze in this year's Best & Worst Brands showdown, up one spot from its fourth-place finish last year. The laptop maker definitely kno...

Lenovo: Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2015

Lenovo has been going through a rough patch. The brand's consumer laptops were preloaded with adware that left users open to security attacks, although the company has since apologized and removed the offending software.

Samsung: Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2015

Firmly in the middle of the pack, Samsung doesn't blow us away, but it isn't a brand you should ignore, either. The company fared pretty well on our tech support showdown, but didn't stand out in any other category.

ASUS: Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2015

Poor tech support led to a terrible tumble for Asus, which dropped from third place to seventh in this year's laptop brand rankings. On the plus side, Asus is fairly innovative, and we like the overall design aesthetic of its laptops.

Toshiba: Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2015

Dropping down one notch from its traditional seventh-place finish, Toshiba hasn't wowed us in the past year. Toshiba laptops got the worst reviews of all the brands we evaluated, and we weren't big fa...

Acer: Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2015

Sony, which no longer makes laptops, took the bottom spot in our brand evaluation last year. This year, Acer fell one spot to take that dubious honor. The company didn't fare well in reviews or tech s...

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2014 Edition) Review

The Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2014 Edition) packs a 1080p touch screen and long battery life into a slim, elegant chassis.

Acer Aspire E1-510P (2014) Review

Available for less than $500, the Acer Aspire E1-510P is a solid budget Windows 8.1 notebook with a touch screen.