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Windows 10: Top 6 New Features

Windows is about to get a big upgrade. From a resurrected Start Menu to new multitasking tools, the latest Microsoft operating system is designed to remedy the frustrations caused by the confusing...

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 With Revamped Start Menu

SAN FRANCISCO -- The next Windows is such a radical departure from its predecessors that Microsoft has jumped up two version numbers. At a press event today (Sept. 30), Microsoft executive vice pres...

Toshiba Tech Support: 2014 Rating

Last year, Toshiba earned its third-straight C+ score for overall tech support, despite its newly revamped website. This year, we ran into many of the exact same problems as we did in previous years, and the company earned the same low score..

Samsung Tech Support: 2014 Rating

Samsung continues to fine-tune its tech support, mostly with great success. In last year's Tech Support Showdown, the company scored a strong B+, thanks to a combination of social media, live chats an...

Lenovo Tech Support: 2014 Rating

Lenovo's slogan is "for those who do," and if you buy the company's laptops, prepare to do for yourself. The ThinkPad maker has a long-standing policy of refusing to answer what it considers to be "so...

Dell Tech Support: 2014 Rating

If the angry posts on Dell's Facebook profile are to be believed, Dell's tech support team is made up of rude, incomprehensible reps. We encountered none of that, however, during our experience with Dell this year.

ASUS Tech Support: 2014 Rating

In past years, ASUS has consistently ranked among the top half of tech brands, with accurate phone support and a support website redesigned in 2013. The site seems largely unchanged from last year, bu...

Apple Tech Support: 2014 Rating

Another year, another excellent display of tech support service from Apple. Just like during previous showdowns, Apple's support specialists proved to be consistently prompt, friendly and helpful over...

Acer Tech Support: 2014 Rating

Acer's tech support continues to evolve despite years of problematic service. While the company had a rating of C+ in 2011, it has slowly improved over the years.

Tech Support Showdown 2014: Who Wins, Who Loses?

You don't have to pay the teenager down the street or wait for your geeky cousin to help with your laptop. The device's manufacturer offers you tech support, and you should take advantage of it.