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John Legend Partners with Definitive Technology on Speaker

If rappers can have their own audio product lines, why not R&B artists?Nine-timeGrammy Award-winning crooner John Legend is partnering with Definitive Technology as brand ambassador for the co...

Pure's Jongo Sound System Brings Multi-room Audio to U.S.

If you're streaming music from a smartphone or tablet to a wireless speaker and you want to change rooms, you have two options: carry that speaker with you, or add multiple speakers to several rooms i...

Braven Speakers Charge While You Rock Out

Braven announced its new Six series today, including the Braven 625s, Braven 600 and Braven 650. These little wonders not only boost your audio anywhere, they can charge your devices simultaneously.

Sennheiser Announces Amperior and HD 700 Headphones at CES

LAS VEGAS -- Think you've got enough headphones? Think again. Sennheiser has unveiled their latest pairs of headphones at CES 2012, for the discerning, fashion-forward audiophile..

Wood Headphones? No Splinters, Just Rumbling Bass

How much wood would an iPad use if an iPad could use wood? Lots, if it were up to Vers Audio, the environmentally-friendly company that specializes in earthy accessories for iOS devices. Their new woo...

V-MODA Vamps Up Earbuds With True Blood

V-MODA, makers of high-end headphones opened the coffin on new Revamp High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphones, inspired by the HBO vampire series, True Blood. The company also recently unveiled True Blood V-80 On-Ear Headphones, from the same line..

Fangbangers and Audiophiles Listen Up: V-Moda True Blood V-80 Headphones Hands-On

Truebie's rejoice! Now you can proclaim seriously fangbanging style while listening to great audio. The V-Moda True Blood V-80 On-Ear Headphones are now on sale at,, or V-Moda...

10 Great Gadget Gifts for Grads

You're so proud you could burst. Your little academic is growing up. But does he or she have all the tools they need to really face the world? You can help with the perfect gadget, and we can help wit...

Readers' Choice: You Pick the Best of CES 2011

You've seen all the news we've covered from the show floor, and drooled over the photos and videos of product announcements coming out of CES 2011. We've even named our favorite gadgets in 11 differen...

Music Meets Soul By Ludacris

In a move reminiscent of Monster Beats by Dr. Dre, Signeo USA has teamed up with Grammy winning artist Chris Ludacris Bridges to create a new line of noise-cancelling headphones.