Light Touch Holographic Projector Will Turn Any Flat Surface into a 10-inch Touchscreen

We get closer and closer to living in Minority Report everyday. The latest step toward crime forecasts and interactive images cast by projectors comes courtesy of the Light Touch, a projector equipped with holographic laser technology and infra-red touch sensors that can register the movement of your hands. That potent mix of functionality means that you can control the projector simply by "pressing" the images it displays.

It also means that the device can be used for a host of other activities, some of which are displayed in the pictures below. Though browsing the color options for a particular shirt at the GAP is a fine use of the technology, I'm more interested to see how the LT takes advantage of WiFi and Bluetooth capability to connect to web-enabled devices.  Wall-projected, touch-controlled Farmville, anyone? Because the Light Touch runs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 software, carries 2GB of on-board Flash memory, supports microSD cards up to 32GB, and can be powered via outlet or run on batteries for up to two hours, I'd say my wish is at least closer than Precrime.  Read more about the Light Touch here.

Social Media Editor