Tiny Furby Party Rockers Join the Furry Furby Family

The Furby family is growing even larger. Hasbro has unveiled Furby Party Rockers at the International Toy Fair 2013, a smaller Furby companion. Unlike the full-sized Furby, which grows and learns through interaction, each Party Rocker comes with its own unique personality which is ready to interact with both kids and other Furby toys.

Party Rockers respond to touch and interaction, just like the full sized Furby, and will laugh or pout when you pull their tails and rattle them around. As their name suggests, the Party Rocker Furbies love to be rocked back and forth, getting more and more riled up with every shake. Their crazy moods affect other nearby Furbies and Party Rockers, so when we rocked one we suddenly had a whole gaggle of loud and active toys.

Party Rockers will sing and interact with other Party Rockers and Furbies and are compatible with the Furby iOS and Android app, although not all the app features are available. At the very least, kids will be able to feed their Party Rockers with the app, which we were able to do at the Fair. Our Party Rocker did not like the rice.

The new Furby Party Rockers will be available in the Spring of this year, although no official date has yet been annouced. They will cost $24.99 and, while a great companion to a full-sized Furby, can also be great toys by themselves. Our favorite part, however, was watching multiple Furbies and Party Rockers interacting with each other.

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