Xbox Series X 2024 "Brooklin" rumors: Price, design, specs, and more

xbox series x brooklin update 2024
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X console is over three years old, and it's time for an update. And thanks to images and reports Microsoft uploaded to the FCC that were accidentally published, we know exactly what that update might look like. This Series X update, codenamed "Brooklin," brings plenty of improved features and a new, cylindrical design. 

While most of the updates make this new 2024 Series X console objectively better than the original console, there's one change that might be controversial: the lack of a disc drive. The updated Series X console will be an all-digital console, just like the Series S console, which is also receiving an update, codenamed "Ellewood." Both consoles are also receiving an updated controller, codenamed "Sebile" internally.

CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer addressed the unintentional leak on X, saying "It is hard to see our team's work shared in this way because so much has changed and there's so much to be excited about right now, and in the future. We will share the real plans when we are ready." Much of the info shared in the documents seemed in its final stages, but take everything with a grain of salt until we hear directly from Microsoft.

Price and availability

Microsoft's updated Xbox Series X console is expected to launch at the "same great price $499," matching the current console's price. This $499 price will include the updated controller design, as well as double the existing storage from 1TB to 2TB.

xbox series launch schedule

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Among documents uploaded by Microsoft, there's a schedule outlining announcement and launch dates for the Series X, Series S, and new "Sebile" controller. If these schedule dates are to be believed, the 2024 "Brooklin" Series X console may be announced as early as June, following the new controller's launch.

Then, the 2024 "Ellewood" Series S console is slated to launch first around the end of August, with the new Series X console launching roughly 60 days later around the end of October. Because these documents were unintentionally leaked, the timeline could be shifted slightly just to switch things up or to accomodate for unforeseen production hiccups.


One of the biggest changes for this new Series X console is its design. Rather than the boxy, computer-tower design of the original Series X console, this "Brooklin" model features a smooth, cylindrical design. This new design is only possible because the 2024 Series X console won't be equipped with a disc drive.

xbox series x brooklin

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft calls the 2024 Series X "the most powerful Xbox ever, now adorably all digital." While some might love the all-digital aspect, others definitely won't. Anyone who has a physical disc collection or prefers to buy physical games to resell them later won't be able to do this with the new Series X, and potentially future Xbox consoles as well. 

If Microsoft is going all-digital now, that could be an indication that its consoles going forward will also be all-digital.

In the leaked render, the new console shows off a new "USB-C front port with power delivery," which replaces the USB-A port on existing Series X consoles. This port and the power button have relocated to the front of the console. The console's back ports will likely remain identical to the existing console's ports, just potentially in a different location.

Internal FCC documents mention the new Series X console as part of Microsoft's Xbox Design Lab, which currently lets you customize your own Xbox controller with different colors for individual components. With the Series X listed, it's possible that customers might be able to customize the chassis color on a 2024 Series X.


The Xbox Series X console isn't getting any major performance upgrades. It's keeping the same 12TF GPU, 4K target resolution, and 16GB of RAM, so it's likely not worth upgrading from your existing Series X to this one.

For the same $499 price, the 2024 Series X will have 2TB of storage, rather than 1TB, include an updated controller and a USB-C to USB-C cable, and gain support for Xbox Wireless 2, Bluetooth 5.2, and Wi-Fi 6E. The lack of a disc drive on this console doesn't affect the price.

xbox series x and s specs

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft says that the console's new Wi-Fi 6E  radio will provide "better throughput, latency, and interference mitigation," which translates to a smoother, less laggy wireless experience. Then, Bluetooth 5.2 support is a first for Xbox consoles in general, and you'll be able to connect audio accessories and controllers, but it's not clear yet whether there will be support for third-party controllers or just Xbox-only controllers.

As an effort to be more sustainable, the console will be equipped with a smaller die that'll make it more efficient. The new Series X will run cooler and quieter, and it'll pull less overall power. The console has "reduced PSU power by 15%" and the updated low-power standby mode will be "20% of current XSS standby mode." 


The upcoming "Brooklin" Xbox Series X console will bring much-needed updates, like double the storage and support for Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. However, Microsoft is making the controversial decision to cut the disc drive entirely from this new console. Sony introduced a disc drive separate from the PS5, so it's possible that Microsoft could do something similar in the future.

But as it stands, the new Series X is purely a digital-only console, just like the Series S console. For new players who don't want physical games taking up space in their homes, the 2024 Series X console will be a more power-efficient, smarter choice to buy rather than the existing console. For those who like physical games, it might be worth snagging the current Series X model before you can't buy one new anymore.


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