Hottest Tech Toys For Tots, Tweens, and Teens

LeapFrog Text and Learn -- Kids are just as attracted to shiny smart phones and BlackBerries as their parents. But letting them play with expensive hardware sometimes results in bricked hardware. Instead, hand them this texting device for kids that will keep them entertained and teach them the alphabet.

Techno Source Rubik’s TouchCube -- the Cube goes high-tech, utilizing a touch surface for turning rows and lining up colors. It may not be as satisfying as twisting that plastic (and you won't get the same speed-solving action that Rubik's pros are known for) but the update to this classic toy has a few extra tricks.

Uncle Milton’s Toys Star Wars The Force Trainer -- Yes, your kid can learn how to levitate objects with their mind. No, a lightsaber is not included. Yes, this is the coolest toy ever. No, these aren't the droids you're looking for.