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E3 2013 Preview: 5 Things We Expect to See

From the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to all of the new PC and mobile games you can handle, E3 2013 is sure to be the biggest in years. In preparation for the gaming event to end all gaming events, we...

GamePop Console Promises iOS Games on Your TV

BlueStacks wants todeliver a lot more than Android apps to your TV. The startup has announced that itsGamePop console, launching this winter, will also bring many popular iOS games to your living room.

Top 25 iPhone Games

The ever expanding universe of Apple iOS apps mean a constant turnover in the drool-worthy games for your iPhone. We've helped narrow your search by compiling the 25 of the best games.

Inteliscope Rifle Adapter Turns your iPhone Into a Weapon

Sure, shooter games are fun, but controlling your gameplay from an actual firearm is a cooler experience than just tapping on your iPhone's display to shoot and send explosives your enemy's way. The I...

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Game to Invade iPhone, iPad This Summer

iDevice owners, prepare to be invaded. Game developers Firaxis and 2K Games have announced that the critically acclaimed title "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" will be landing on iPhone, iPad ...