Video Girl Barbie Will Turn Your Kid Into A Director

While I was in the Mattel booth at Toy Fair getting some juicy details about Computer Engineer Barbie I spied another tech-influenced doll: Video Girl Barbie. This doll doubles as a camera (her necklace is actually the lens - yes, it's embedded in her chest) and can record up to 27 minutes of video. Kids can then watch playback of the video in the tiny screen on Barbie's back or transfer it to their computers. Parents can download simple editing software from that is supposed to be easy enough for children as young as 6 to operate. They'll be able to add music or sound and video effects. Even though the camera in the chest thing is a little weird looking (not to mention reminiscent of the Borg), I like the combination of doll and video capture in general. The idea is that kids will be able to record the world from Barbie's point of view and, by extension, their own. The sample videos in the booth showed girls recording the stories and adventures they played out with their "normal" Barbies, something that I would loved to do when I was a kid. With the editing software they can string several playtimes together to make a movie. Empowering a new generation of Diablo Codys is worth the inevitable flood of YouTube videos starring Barbie and friends, right? Video Girl Barbie will be available in July of this year and is likely to retail for $50.