MSI M800 Vacuuming Robot Self-Charging, Nearly Self Aware

Move over iRobot, you're in danger of becoming obsolete. Today MSI, a company largely known for its computers and computer components, demonstrated the MSI M800, a robotic vacuum that could wipe clean the competition.

The M800 has a powerful suction system, an arm that swipes at dirt and helps push it into the line of fire, and sonic sensors that stop the device from bumping into furniture. Perhaps the creepiest thing about the M800 is that it knows when it is running out of juice and it goes and plugs itself into the charging station automatically. That means that it's always charged and doesn't need a human. Sounds like Skynet, doesn't it?

There's no word yet on whether the M800 is coming to America, though based on what we saw, we certainly think it should be brought here. If it does come, it will be priced around $400 U.S.  MSI also makes two other robotic vacuums, the fancier R-1300, which features a webcam you can watch from your computer and use for household security, and the R-500 which has a super slim design but lacks the sonic sensors and self-charging capability of its siblings.

We had a chance to witness both the cleaning and the charging in action. Check out our video and gallery images below.


Avram Piltch
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