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The Future of Technology As Predicted By... Kids?

A new study conducted by research company Latitude shows that kids from all over the world are accurately predicting the future of technology.

Latitude asked 200 children, ages 12 and under, from countries as diverse as Chile, the USA, Denmark, India and South America, to draw “What would you like your computer or the internet to do that it can’t do right now?” The images showed that children predict technology will become human like, more interactive and physically integrated with their lives, as well as being used as a tool to improve their knowledge and abilities.

Some of the children's drawings matched up with new technologies like Google's image search, which enables users to make a inquiry by placing images, as opposed to text, in the search box.

The drawings were interpreted by a group of researchers who assessed the presence of specific themes in the drawings, such as the user's desired outcome, the interface, and the extent of interactivity.

Latitude's President and founder, Steve Mushkin, said “This study is part of our larger research initiative that gives children a real voice in the broader, often very adult, discussion of future technologies... kids from all over the world have proven, time and again, that they think in extraordinarily sophisticated ways about how tech could enhance their learning, play, and interactions with the people and things around them -- and the ways that technology might help us solve the big global problems we all face.”