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Americans Have Faith in the Laptop, Study Says

Fewer than half of Americans believe tablets will eventually take the place of laptop computers, a study released today by Poll Position suggests. Only 46 percent believe the demand for devices like Apple's iPad will push laptops out of their place as the top personal computer, the report says.

The telephone survey, taken on January 5th, said 37 percent of people in the 18-29 age group believe that tablets will become the norm, while 49 percent said no such replacement will take place. Younger people appear to have more faith in the notebook's resilience than older Americans. Among the 45-64 age group, 52 percent said tablet devices like Apple's iPad will someday take the place of laptops.

Men are also more likely to foresee the fall of laptops as well. While 53 percent of men said electronic tablets will take the place of laptop computers, only 39 percent of women share that position. Researchers surveyed 1,155 registered voters in the study, and results were weighted to be a representative sample of all American adults.