13 Best Autism Apps for the iPad

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According to the most recent research by the CDC, 1 in every 68 school-aged children in the U.S. has been identified has having autism or a related disorder -- defined as an impairment in social interaction and communication and by restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior.

As the incidence of autism increases, so have the tools to help treat it. Mobile technology, such as the iPad, has been extremely helpful for parents and teachers of autistic children, as apps have replaced dedicated devices that cost upwards of $2,000. As part of Autism Awareness Month, we've highlighted the best iPad apps that help address various aspects of autism. 

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  • Monique Robinson Says:

    My son needs a laptop or i pad to help him

  • Jhaila Says:

    This is a great list and really helpful for parents with a non verbal special needs child.

    We'd also like to add Socky App by Ola Mundo. SOcky is communication app that helps families communicate remotely with kids with ASD through illustrations and multiple choice questions. It's free and is available for both Android and iOS.

    Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and we’d love to answer any questions you might have. We also share inspiring stories and helpful information to the ASD community. Thank you and see you there! :)

  • Heather Says:

    Hi what is the apps available for the iPad app

  • Virginia Boyd heard there is a new app Says:

    I heard there is a new app called friendi, where people with Aspergers can text one another. My 25 year old grandson has no friends. Social skills are his main problem. Do you know anything about this app. My grandson is high functioning, works part time and drives. Just no friends. Thank you

  • Janis Bird Says:

    @Shahenaz TalkTablet works with English, Spanish, French and numerous other languages.

  • Lisa Heit Says:

    I am in Mexico and my autistic son speaks and understands only Spanish. Which of these would you recommend to help with sentence structure and comprehension and social etiquette

  • Jérémy Says:

    @Shahenaz : Communicotool 2 is french made app for autism persons. Multinlingual and 1 month free period. Enjoy :)

  • Shahenaz El-damarawy Says:

    I was wondering if any of the apps comes in French ?

  • Rosanna Morales Arzadon Says:

    I have 28 year old autistic son he cannot communicate he has his routine at home he doesn't have any kind of teaching program can you give me suggestion of what kind of apps do i need to install in my ipad?

  • Erik N Says:

    The best AAC app I've found, recently, is one called Avatalker. It's new, though...

  • Ian160 Says:

    Great list! We've tried all these and more for our son. Also recommend searching out 'aacorn'. It helped our son find his voice when he would often become frustrated with other autism apps.

  • Naveed Says:

    Kid's IQ for iPad/iPhone is a recommended app for autistic children.


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