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New Low Power Haswell Chips to Launch Later This Year

Intel just unveiled its new Haswell chip less last month, but the company is already announcing some improvements we’ll see in future devices. Intel plans to launch new series of Y processors later this year that promises to lower power consumption even further.

At this year’s Computex convention in Taiwan, Intel announced that fourth generation Haswell chips will reduce SDP wattage down to 6W, which essentially means that the chip requires six watts worth of cooling when carrying out demanding tasks. Now, Intel promises that future 2-in-1 detachable devices will pack a Y processor that only requires 4.5 watts worth of cooling to perform the same functions. A 6W variant of these new Y processors will launch later this year as well. 

 While this improvement means it will take less power for future devices to cool down, it doesn’t actually change how much power is needed to carry out tasks. Intel says that these 4.5W SDP Y processors will still require a TDP of 11.5W, which is exactly the same as the 6W SDP chips. TDP describes how many watts are actually needed to operate and carry out tasks.

Still, this means that less energy will be focused toward cooling, which means we could see even thinner devices with smaller fans in the near future. However, Intel hasn’t disclosed which device’s will come with these new Y processors or exactly when they will come to market. 

Lisa Eadicicco
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