How to Delete Addresses in Outlook Autocomplete

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Autocomplete can save you a lot of typing, but it can also cause you a lot of embarrassment if you accidentally email the wrong person or the right person at the wrong address. The good news is that it's easy to clear addresses off of Outlook's autocomplete list.

1. Open the Outlook desktop client.


2. Create a new email.

new3. Start typing a name you’d like to remove.

name4. Click the down arrow and highlight the entry to remove.

highlight5. Press delete or click the X next to the entry.

deleteIf you’d like to delete contacts on the web version of Outlook ( keep reading.

6. Open Outlook Mail.

outlook7. Click New to open a new message.

8. Start typing in an address in the To field and use the down button to find the name you’d like to remove.

new web


9. Click the X next to the name to delete it from your autocomplete contact list.

click x

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  • Katrina Says:

    I've done this over and over and each time I restart outlook later, they are all back. how do I permanently delete an old contact in the auto fill, without having to completely clear the whole auto fill cache as we are talking thousands of contacts.

  • RicoViking9000 Says:

    Sending an email to Obama would be... interesting to say the least.

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