How to Back Up All Your Outlook Data

If you use it regularly, Outlook is your nerve center, holding your contacts, emails and calendar. Using on the web saves all of your data to the cloud, but those relying on the desktop platform to manage multiple accounts -- or for email power users -- will need to back up the data every so often themselves.

1. Open the Outlook desktop client.

2. Click the File tab at the top right to bring up the settings menu.

3. Click Add and remove accounts or change existing connection settings under the Account Settings Menu.

4. Open the Data Files tab.

5. Select the account you want to back up and click Open File Location.

6. Right click the email address file (Outlook Data File) you want to save and select Copy.

7. Paste the file into a folder on your external drive, drag it into a cloud storage service, or add it to an SD card for safe-keeping.

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