How to Use Two Time Zones for Meetings in Outlook Calendar

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When you’re working with multiple time zones, mistakes are inevitable. Attempts to schedule a meeting when you're on PST and your colleague is halfway across the world on GMT are typically an experience that requires a fair bit of math, or a quick Google search to try to nail down the appropriate time.


Outlook can solve this problem for you, with no Googling required. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Navigate to the File tab in Outlook.

Navigate to File tab

2. Click Options.

click Options3. Select Calendar from the sidebar and then scroll down to Time zones. 

Select calendar and scroll down to time zones4. Check ‘Show a second time zone’ and add the second time zone from the dropdown menu.

add a second time zone5. Click OK. Now, once you schedule an appointment on the Calendar, you’ll see two time zones, for PST and EST (or whatever you selected).

click OK