How to Block a Sender in Outlook 2016 and Prior

For every annoying mailing list you can unsubscribe from, there are a handful of email messages that aren't so nice and don't offer a way out. Fortunately, Outlook has a Block Sender function that will allow you to manually filter spammers' email to the junk folder.

Not only does the email client allow you to block senders by typing individual addresses in, but it also lets you perform the same action through the right-click menu of options. Here are step-by-step  instructions for both blocking methods.  

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How to Block Someone in Outlook 2016 Using Their Email Address

1. Click Junk under the Home tab.

2. Select Junk E-mail Options.

3.Click Blocked Senders.

4. Click Add.

5. Enter an email address and click OK. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary.

Messages from that email address will now go straight to your junk folder.

How to Block Someone in Outlook 2016 Using A Message

1. Right-click a message in the list view.

2. Select Junk.

3. Select Block Sender.

4. Click OK.

Messages from that sender will now go straight to your junk folder.

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