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Step 9: Install a Password Manager to Store Your Logins

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It's hard keeping track of your passwords these days, particularly with all the different websites you visit. In an attempt to keep all those credentials straight in your head, you may end up using short, simple passwords that are too easy for a hacker to guess.

A password manager can keep track of all your accounts, type in your passwords with a single keystroke, and help you generate complex passwords that nobody can guess. Though some notebooks come with their own password managers, our favorite is the free KeePass Password Safe.

  • Download and Install KeePass.
  • Create a new password database by first selecting New from the File menu, entering a file name, and then entering a Master password you will use to open the password database every time you boot your computer.

Once your password database has been created, add new password entries by following these steps:

  • Select a password group that corresponds to the type of password you'd like to store (ex: Windows, Internet, e-mail) or create a new group by right-clicking and selecting Add Group.
  • Right-click and select Add Entry in the right window pane.
  • Enter the title, username, password, and any notes on the Entry screen. If you don't already have a password, you can click the key icon to generate a secure password.
  • Click Add on the Auto-type tab and select the title of the window you wish to type the password into (ex: Facebook).
  • Next time you have that window open, you can hit CTRL + ALT + A to have KeePass enter the username and password for you.


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