How to Disable the Lock Screen in Windows 10

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Windows 10 lock screenEvery time your computer boots or wakes from sleep, you have to click your mouse button or swipe up to make the lockscreen disappear before you get hit with a login prompt. 

You can save time and a click by disabling the lock screen and going straight to the login screen in Windows 10. Here's how.

    1. Open the registry editor. Hit CTRL + R, then type regedit into the prompt and hit Enter. Click Yes if you receive a warning from User Account Control.


    2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows by opening the various folders in the tree.

      Navigate to the right registry key

    3. Create a new registry key called Personalization if one doesn't already exist. To create the key, right click in the right pane, select Key from the menu and then rename the key to "Personalization."

      Create a registry key and name it personalization

    4. Navigate the Personalization key.

    5. Right click in the right pane and select New then DWORD (32-bit) Value.

      Create new DWORD

    6. Name the new value "NoLockScreen" (without quotes).

      Name it no lock screen

    7. Set NoLockScreen to 1 by double clicking on its name, entering a "1" in the Value data field and hitting OK.

      Set NoLockScreen to 1

After your next reboot, the lock screen will be gone. If you want to re-enable it, just change the registry setting from 1 to 0.

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  • Marc Negron Says:

    This no longer works. Will have to upgrade to Win 10 Pro and use gpedit to disable the screen,

  • Edward Says:

    Tried this and followed each step and rebooted my computer and the lock screen was still there.

  • Magnus Nilsson Wallem Says:

    This worked for me up untill Windows 10.1 was released.

  • Michael Says:

    I love you man!!! worked a treat on Lenovo Helix2 Win 10 Pro 64 bit.

  • Hector Says:

    Thank you for your post. Nevertheless, it didn't work for me at all. Even if I try different ways several times.

  • Dimitris Voulgaris. Says:

    For so many days I was traying to ged rid of the lock screen and couldnt make it...Thks a lot, cause step by step I finally manage to ...Thks a lot

  • Matt McGregor Says:

    Yeah - Windows Anniversary Edition. This productivity workaround no longer removes the slide up screen. Actung ... you will swipe up even on a desktop! We are the master OS. You will obey! You will obey!

    Thanks for the free gift of Windows 10. I do like it, but the anniversary edition has only taken a step back. Oh well. I hope there will be another fix for this "feature".

  • David Says:

    Hi I just tried using the unlock windows 10 by the tutorial but now when I rebooted it shows the windows face still asking for a password but now the keyboard won't tap in the password .
    I'm locked out .any suggestions

  • Cheryl DiBiase Says:

    Did not work at all. I have WIndows 10. rgedit.msc is not found. And following the above steps exactly did nothing.

  • Aremay Mendoza Says:

    It's Done ! Thank You Very Much ! But I Just Want Know Why I Can't Disable This In Control Panel ??? When I Turned It Off The Lock Screen, It's Still "ON" After Restart The PC. Anyone Got Same Problem With Me ??? I Just Want Know Why.

  • Chris Says:

    Thanks, i was looking for this from some time. Works lika a charm :)

  • gaga6 Says:

    Hi, me again. I've made a mistake. This really is working! I just used another guide and the Reg name there was "NoLockScreenCamera" - that one just disables access to Camera on Laptops while screen is locked. So I followed a bad guide and complained here like an idiot. Sorry guys! Remember to use proper name in reg: "NoLockScreen"

  • gaga6 Says:

    This method doesn't work on (Win10 TH2 PRO) 10.0.10586.63

  • Cig Bock Says:

    Worked for me on Win10 Home build 10586. Stupid to have this on a desktop PC, wastes time with extra mouse clicking. Also stupid that there's no easy way to disable it in Windows without having to manually edit the registry.

  • Mark Lui Says:

    Thank you VERY much.
    Please note the 1st step is 田+ R (not CTRL + R).

  • Andy F Says:

    Just realized I didn't put the link on my last post:

  • Andy F Says:

    As others have commented, this didn't fix the lock screen after sleeping. I didn't have the same version as the one this fix covers. I did find this on youtube which covers both the sign-in and lock screen issues. Aaron also addressed this in his post, but here you can watch how its done.

  • Bulldog44 Says:

    The above method didn't work for me. So I searched on youTube and got the answer that does work. And it's much easier in my opinion. One thing you must do is Undo the changes you made first. (no reboot was needed)
    Here is the link:

  • Droidz Says:

    Good lord almighty would some of you learn the difference between lock screen and sign-in screen. Two different screens! This says what it does and does what it says, period. Mind blowing.

  • Alex V Says:

    It doesn't work!!! Still loading the LockScreen?!?!?

  • Bonez Says:

    I have just found away to disable the Lock Screen Background pics.! So, if you just wanna disable the Lock Screen and keep your Password then here's the link.! Its a simple on and off button...

  • Bonez Says:

    Did the "rededit" as instructed and of course it didnt work because i have the "Home Premium" i only want to disable the the lock screen pics and keep my Password

  • Tommm Says:

    Or as seen on:

    Easiest way :
    Windows + R

    Type: netplwiz

    Untick - Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.


  • Don_G Says:

    I type <cntrl>R as you say ... and nothing happens! I really want to do away with that ridiculous picture through which I'm forced to click just to log on to my computer!

  • mc,,, Says:

    this doesn't work (win10 home 1511) - was going to do this and found it was already set.

  • orangecomputer Says:

    THANK YOU! The lock screen pics weren't too offensive until a couple of weeks ago when they suddenly started changing all the time and forcing really 'arty' pictures onto MY screen. I really object to that, and so to find this article was an incredible relief. I now just have a simmering background hatred for Windows 10 instead of an incandescent rage.

  • Spankin Says:

    I tried adding the registry entry but it doesn't work...

  • Aaron Says:

    I just went into the andvanced power settings and changed the option where it says "require a password on wakeup" and changed the setting to "no". Note: you may need to click on the "change settings that are currently unavailable" to be able to do so. Simple!

  • Kevin Hadley Says:

    Works perfectly, thank you. People need to READ the instructions...

  • christophe Says:

    I think many people do not just want to disable the locksreen, but the password too: F... Microsoft!!!!

  • christophe Says:

    Thank you for your trick, but in my case, it is already set on 1. What can I do?
    I have been trying to disable this lock screen for an hour. I found four or five methods that did not work and spat on my sceen 5 times (it is my alternative to smashing the computer into pieces). I have been using computers since Windows 95 and they make me feel like a beginner. I cannot find any word hard enough for Microsoft.

  • Hannah Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I couldn't even figure out how to google to find this solution. Kept landing on pages about how to disable the login password. But THIS page is truly pointless and a waste of time/energy/wrist action/everything.


  • Redder Says:

    @Robin, that may be the sign-in screen, and not the lock-screen.

    There should be settings in your control panel to turn that one off. (IIRC)

  • Les Evans Says:

    Reset windows 10 and tapped save my files on reboot foot to lock screen then no mouse or keyboard functions can't get to login screen plz help!

  • Robbin Says:

    I did exactly what it says to do... step by step and it is still asking me for a password, even after restarting my computer. I cant stand windows 10. I just want to get the stupid Lock screen off of my computer. -.-

  • XP_is_da_bomb Says:

    windows 10 home, method 2 NoLockScreen, haven't rebooted yet. PC started to do the lock screen and password screen with the new update - so annoying.

  • Bill Spock Says:

    The change did not stop the lock screen from appearing


    this happens all the time in my surface 3 I have to touch the mouse or keyboard to continue listening to music. It is a really annoying feature. I will try this method and I'll tell you then.

  • matthew ong Says:

    Greetings Sir, i'm currently using windows 10 and i can't log into my laptop. The password entry seems to be not activated but the keyboard as well as my mouse are working properly. Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Jay Does Games Says:

    My computer boots up with a gray screen and I cannot login please help.

  • a011011011 Says:

    Worked well on Insignia tablet

  • Albert Says:

    I couldn't create the 'personalization' key because when I selected 'new' and then 'key' it appeared to be greyed out and I couldn't type anything.

  • Henrik Says:

    Worked for me on a Samsung Series 7 laptop.

  • Susie Says:

    Did not work for me either! Using Using an Acer Aspire 1555 and I am the only user -

  • Interesting Photos? Really? Says:

    Stop sucking up to MS, this feature is totally pointless! This is yet another feature I have to hunt down and disable. I spend more time disabling features and working around bugs with this operating system!

  • bob thacker Says:

    that is all well and good but if i can't get out of the locked screen how can i perform those tasks?

  • Brett Says:

    I only have one account on my machine and this did not work.

  • Tanstaafl Says:

    I tried this on two identical Fujitsu T901s. It worked on one of them and did not work on the other one. Very strange.

    (By the way, you can also use gpedit for this.)

  • Siltr Says:

    I made a mistake at first by missing the less-visited /Policies/ bit in the path but it's working now.

    Another tablet feature squashed!

  • Fernando Says:

    Well, it does work for me, thanks a lot, I use win10 on a tablet and I lock and unlock it very constaintly, and this is the only method that works for enter directly to the OS from sleeping!

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