How To Disable Cortana in Windows 10

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 Many people find Cortana to be genuinely helpful for searching the web, showing notifications and setting calendar reminders, among its other specialties. But security-conscious users might be wary of what the AI assistant is learning about you, your schedule and location and sharing those tidbits with Microsoft and its other services. Prior to Windows 10's recent Anniversary Update, you could disable Cortana by toggling a single switch, but since then, Microsoft has made it nearly impossible to do.

Our friends at PCWorld figured out how to disable Cortana in Windows 10, after the Anniversary Update. Below, we'll specify a fix that puts down Cortana in both Windows 10 Pro and Home. If you turned off Cortana prior to installing the Anniversary Update, you'll need to follow these steps to disable it again. Note that this fix requires editing the registry, so be sure to backup first and proceed with great caution when attempting this fix.

Here's how to turn off Cortana in Windows 10:

1. Open regedit the registry editor, from the search box on the taskbar.

screenshot (103) 306403
If asked, allow the program to make changes to your computer.

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search
But wait! Windows Search might not be there. It wasn't for us, so we had to create it.

2a. Right-click the Windows folder and choose New>Key. Call it "Windows Search."

screenshot (104) 638.76080691643403

3.  Right click "Windows Search" and choose New > DWORD (32-bit Value).

screenshot (105) 675281.25


4. Name the DWORD "AllowCortana." Click it and make sure the value is "0."

screenshot (106) 675154.28571428571
5. Restart the computer (or log out and log back in). Cortana will be replaced with a regular search bar.

screenshot (108)

While Cortana is gone, it's still hiding. You may find the program running in the background, but you might as well leave it there. When we tried killing the program, Cortana kept popping back up like a weed. When PCWorld managed to kill the process, they couldn't search for anything on their PC.

It's possible that the next Windows update will restore Cortana to its place in Windows 10, so be sure to keep these instructions handy, just in case.

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  • Josip Says:

    How can i enable it after this process

  • Richard Says:

    I tried to disable Cortana vie the Task Manager. It goes away, but about 2 seconds it pops back up.

  • Karl10 Says:

    Did this exact thing a month ago, and it doesn't work. Cortana keeps kicking me out of my game and asking what it can do for me... I'll tell ya what it can do for me!!

  • Adrian Says:

    I just bought my wife a new HP laptop and after all the updates it has Windows10 ver.1709 OS build 16299.192. I followed the directions on this article and after restarting, it disabled the Windows "Start button" completely. I could not search or access any programs. I had to right-click that "Start button" and select Run>regedit and change the WindowsSeach key I just created to a value of 1. I restarted and it is now back to the way it was when I started. This fix is no longer valid.

  • Linnea Says:

    Didn't work for me. Do I need to do QWord instead if I'm on a 64-bit system?

  • Devon Etherton Says:

    Did not work for me. Brand new install after updating. AMD Ryzen 1800. I've not given up yet, I'll just try another method.

  • Ghazy Kader Says:

    i'm not happy with Cortana running my computer nor do I want it to help me navigate in order to uninstall I need to jump thru loops and hoops and I didn't ask for it

  • LilyH Says:

    thanks... will this disable cortana from running when my computer locks? I have trouble getting my computer back after it is locked, because cortana is running!

  • Alex M Says:

    Nice. Not only Cortana sends data to MS, but also these reminders are annoying. I don't need calendar reminders on this PC, and important system notifications are taken care of with a regular Notifications icon at the screen bottom.

  • Omar I Says:

    When I try creating the key it says, "Cannot create key: you do not have requisite permissions to create a new key under windows. Anyone know how to fix that?

  • Larry Says:

    You can disble cortana by finding the .exe, then have task manager open and end the process at the same time rename the cortana exe and it'll go away.

  • Kevon Says:

    This is the only walkthrough that actually worked. You finally showed me how cut the head off the hydra. Thank you.

  • Michael Apple Says:

    Worked like a champ. The Windows Search stills works for my system.Thank you for the info.

  • Tookie Says:

    Isn't there a free software program we can use that will take Cortana for a long walk on a short pier?

  • brian packer Says:

    please delete this article, it does not disable Cortana, it only removes access to it from the start menu, it still resides in RAM and runs in the background, it only removes a users access to it. Complete waste.

  • Lynkalin Says:

    Well it doesn't work for me. I have done everything exactly as described - very disappointing!!

  • Lynkalin Says:

    It didn't work for me. She is still there!. I will try again. My computer is seriously slowed down by her running in the background. Wish I had never activated her!

  • Kruse Says:

    Omg thank you so much, wasn't able to find a turn off cortana or toggle cortana off switch anywhere following other random guides.... THANKS SO MUCH APPRECIATE IT

  • john rehn Says:

    okay, it is working now. thank you.

  • john rehn Says:

    i followed the steps above but cortana still remains...please advise.

  • Jim Fowler Says:

    Awesome - thank you so much. Apple makes it easy to disable Siri, and I actually want Siri on my phone... but on my work PC is a very different use case and I do not want Cortana on there. I wish Microsoft would stop forcing her on us.

  • Steph Says:

    My tablet is stuck when I factory reset it. It says " a configuration was requested to clear this computers tpm. And it's not letting me press yes or no. What do I do. I can't even use it now

  • Michel Says:

    I can NOT get Cortana on my mobile phon Samsung S4 ..need some help

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