How to Disable Skype's Annoying Auto Updates

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It happens all the time. You have an important business call scheduled for 2 p.m. At 1:57 p.m., you launch Skype for Windows and are greeted by an update message that says "Just a moment, we're improving your Skype experience . . ." The program then takes several minutes to download and install a new version of itself, making you embarassingly late for your appointment. 

Updating Skype

On some systems, you're given a choice before this happens, but on others, you are stuck waiting. Fortunately, there's a way to turn off these time-consuming Skype updates. Here's how.

1. Launch Skype for Windows if it's not already open.

2. Navigate to Tools -> Options.

 Select options

3. Select the Advanced tab in the left pane.

select advanced tab

4. Select Automatic updates in the left pane.

Select Automatic updates

5. Click the "Turn off automatic updates" button. If the button says "Turn on automatic updates," the updates have already been disabled and you can stop here.

Click turn off automatic updates

6. Click Save.

Click Save

After you make this change, Skype will no longer update itself. This means that, if you want to keep the program up-to-date on your computer, you'll need to go download new versions manually from

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  • Since like 2015 HOMIE Says:

    This method no longer applies.

    Please take this off from Google Searchs #1 response.

  • Chris Wagner Says:

    Hi Avram

    please update this advice, as Skype has changed. Looks like they removed the option to turn of these damned automatic updates (for the NSA, I presume).

  • Mike_ Says:

    BS - firstly this never worked since those tards at MS took over; you had to go into system and manually disable it - and that did not always work as they had their own backdoor. Secondly, with the new version the nazis at MS have forced us to have, as the preferable earlier vesions are now "unsupported", the option you list has been completely removed.

  • fynes Says:

    I agree that Microsoft is evil

  • Chuck Bueche Says:

    This is completely wrong and outdated for current systems, as of Wnidows 7, May 2018.

  • Try this Says:

    Setting auto update to Off in Skype settings doesn't work! However, I have found something that does:

    I have done only #3 and #4 from the list below and so far it works for me (win 10; Skype 6.16).

    1. Disable Skype updates within the application.
    2. If the Skype updater service still runs, disable it in services (services.msc)
    3. Block with your hardware/software firewall or block it in your hosts file (no firewall needed).
    Ex. Browse to: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc , edit the hosts file with admin/system rights and add the entry:
    Be aware you will no longer be able to download any newer releases from Skype for another OS unless the entry is temporarily removed.
    4. Delete any already downloaded newer versions of Skype from your temp folder.
    Ex. Browse to %temp% and delete anything Skype related. Normally it's just SkypeSetup.exe.

    Above list was posted here: )

  • chris Says:

    This does not work. Microsoft - the evil corporation that bought and bastardised Skype - have got some underhand system of resetting your preferences. I have even disabled Skype Updater in my system file, but every couple of days it is restored to "Automatic". Just like they forced the update on me a couple of months ago, Microsoft are being fascistic with the updates. They should be forced to return Skype to the original creators without receiving a penny refund

  • AnrDaemon Says:

    Useless. Never worked, and doesn't work now. It will still download and offer automatic updates regardless of this option.

  • Veeeeee Says:

    Does anyone else still get the occasional autoupdate straight when they sign in? I force quit my computer because I want the version I'm running now as it's most compatible with we MSN users so I refuse to update until other MSN users can confirm a better less buggy version is available. The most recent version of Skype has the tendency to cause errors when signing in. like it just keeps spinning the loading "bar" but never signs me in. I'm not tech literate so I just stick with a version that doesn't do that lol. :)

  • mike ng Says:

    This advice is no longer valid. It's useless.

  • Robert Neuschul Says:

    This advice is quite seriously wrong; so long as a] the Skype Update service is installed and running and b] there is no suitable registry key preventing skype phone service from checking directly with for updates and c] so long as the OS is set to receive and install updates automatically for the OS and for any MS products then users WILL continue to see update reminders and/or have those updates installed without consent.

    It's well past time to bring this advisory page up to date.

  • F*** Skype! Says:

    Worse yet for me it shut itself down and restarted after it updated itself. Button does NOTHING, like usual

  • topgun Says:

    Doesn't work. still get nagware saying updates ready to install

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