How to Roll Back the Windows 10 Creators Update to a Prior Version

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There are dozens of reasons to love the new Windows 10 Creators Update, but as with all new updates, there are going to be many that dislike the change. Whether you have a program that no longer works, or an older system that just can’t handle the additional baggage, this -- and all other Windows updates -- are easily reversible back to previous versions.


1. To get started, click Start and then Settings.


2. Click on Update & security.

security3. In the sidebar, choose Recovery.

recovery4. Click the Get Started link under Go back to the previous version of Windows 10.

started5. Select why you’d like to go back to a previous build and click Next. If the link is grayed out, you didn’t select a reason from the checkboxes above.

next6. Click Next once more after reading the prompt.


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  • AmitB Says:

    Just to make sure ,set your wifi as metered connection

  • JBallard Says:

    Did the Windows 10 Creators Update. However, icons like the setting button no longer works. How do I start the rollback process?

  • James Windows 10 Home user Says:

    This article might apply to a Pro version of Windows 10, which has more user features, rather than the basic Home edition.

  • Hal Schaefgen Says:

    I just tried your method to roll back Win10 version 1703 to a prior version. Clicking on "get started" did not result in a box to "go back to an earlier build". It simply popped up a new box that gave two choices: keep your files or remove everything. Looks like it will simply reset the computer, not go back to previous build. Is my v1703 an anomoly? I know your article should be up to date, but that is not how win10 V1703 works today!

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