How to Free Disk Space Automatically with Windows 10 Storage Sense

As laptops get smaller, storage space gets more valuable. While many of us supplement physical storage with cloud-based alternatives, there’s no substitute for storage on-demand, even when you’re not connected to the internet. And for most Windows users, the amount of storage wasted on temp files and the Recycle Bin would free up a fair bit of space on our hard drive if only we could we could remember to get rid of it.

A new feature in Windows 10’s Creators Update has your back.

1. Right click the Windows icon at the bottom right of the screen and open the System menu.

2. Select Storage from the sidebar at the left.

3. Toggle Storage Sense to the on position.

4. If you’d like to determine what Storage sense deletes (either files in the Recycle Bin or temp files -- or both), click the Change how we free up space link below the toggle.

5. Toggle on, or off the desired settings.

Windows 10 Storage and Backup