How to Zip a File or Folder in Windows 10

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Zipping files compresses them so they take up less space on your hard drive, and the smaller ZIP files can more quickly be shared with others or transferred to other computers. You can zip files and/or folders in Windows 10 directly from File Explorer--no third-party tools needed.

To zip one or more files or folders in Windows 10, the first step is to open up File Explorer. From there, all you have to do is select your files and use either the Send To menu or the Ribbon menu, whichever you prefer.

Send to Compressed folder

Zip Files Using the Send To Menu

We'll use the context menu to quickly zip files or folders.

1. Select the file(s) and/or folder(s) you want to compress. If you want to zip just one file or folder, skip to step 2. Otherwise, there are two ways to select multiple files and folders:
To select a consecutive group of files or folders, click the first item, then hold down the Shift key and click on the last item. The two files/folders you selected and everything in between will be selected.
To select non-consecutive files or folders, hold down the Ctrl key as you select the individual files and/or folders.

2. Right-click on the file or folder (or group of files or folders), then point to Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder.

Send to compressed

3. Name the ZIP file. Enter the name you want the zipped file to have or hit Enter to accept the suggested filename.

name the zip

Tip: Windows automatically suggests a filename for the ZIP file based on the file you right-click on. In the example above, I right-clicked on the breadcrumbs.png file, so the suggested ZIP file is When zipping multiple files, make sure you right-click on top of the one in the selection that you would want the ZIP file to have the same name.

Zip One or More Files with the Ribbon Menu

The File Explorer in Windows 10 has a Zip command in the Ribbon menu. This is convenient for 2-in-1 laptop owners who might prefer to tap to zip files rather than right-click. To use this: 

1. Select your file(s) and/or folder(s) as in Step 1 in the Send To menu instructions above.

2. Navigate to the Share tab in File Explorer.

3. Click the Zip button.

zip file ribbon

The Ribbon menu method works in Windows 8.1, by the way, and the Send To menu works in previous versions of Windows as well.

Add a File or Folder to an Existing ZIP File

Finally, you can add files and folders to an existing ZIP file simply by selecting the ones you'd like to add then dragging them on top of the ZIP file.

How to add to a zip file

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  • Murat Says:

    I tried same you explained, but my notebook is not ZIPping my files and folders, no gives error etc...What could be reason?

  • Max Johnson Says:

    This is a great/highly helpful article. Mille fois, merci

  • AJ Diels Says:

    This was the BEST article I have found about how to ZIP a file; especially about how to select non-consecutive files or folders. Very practical and useful advice.

  • Abdul Sarwary Says:

    Is my personal information protected?

  • Andy Mac Says:

    right clicking folder; Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder; no save as dialog appears, in fact nothing happens. Copy of Windows 10 faulty? Or what?

  • Austyn Says:

    Each time i try to zip folders it comes in photoviewer, and solution?

  • peter Says:

    Thanks for this post – exactly what I was looking for being a terminal hero an all! Much appreciated!

  • Larry Cosgrave Says:

    Zipped 4 pics but do not have a friggin clue where the zipped file defaulted to and no clues on this thread???

  • Sherrie Says:

    Thanks for the help but when I send it to the compressed zip file as you suggest it compresses the file but just barely. Is there a way to compress it further or is there a need to? Doesn't seem to be changing things much...

  • amy is here Says:

    how do you put a password on the file?

  • Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I haven't had the need to compress a file in years and forgot how to do it. Plus, I knew the procedure would be different for Windows 10.

  • Stephen Staple Says:

    It is not happening. Do not get the Compressed option when I right click.

  • Terri Says:

    I only have the option of Send to Bluetooth device.
    There is no compressed folder or any of the other choices. Can you help??

  • tabii Says:

    i only have option send to bluetooth device. can you help me?

  • Troppo! Says:

    Thanks. Knew it was easy (Haven't done one in a while, at least not with Win10) Easy to understand, will be checking out some of your other space saving tips soon.

  • 19koisunflower Says:

    Hello! I only have the option to send to a blue tooth device, no option to compress it. Help!

  • Lina808 Says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you!

  • DANNY RHEE Says:

    I upgraded from windows8 to 10, but something wrong happens on my computer. My computer doesn't work with the sign od "START MENU and CORTANA aren't WORKING", But a sign of "WE WILL FIX your computer nest time you signed in" appears, I tried a lot of times. It doesn't fixed.

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