How to Restart Windows 10 Without Rebooting

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Restarting Windows to install updates, fix a temporary annoyance or add new apps is a pain. Luckily, a simple fix exists that most don’t realize and it doesn’t require you to restart at all. Instead, we’re going to kill Windows Explorer (temporarily) and force it to reboot. Once it does, the computer things it’s been rebooted, and your updates will continue to install as normal.


1. Right click the Start menu or press CTRL + Alt + Delete.

context menu


2. Select Task Manager. <manager.png>

Launch Task Manager

3. Find Windows Explorer in the list of processes.

explorer4. Right click and select Restart.


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  • nick_m Says:

    the computer can't think because it's a "thing"

  • Carol Jones Says:

    Hello there I need help with my laptop computer Windows 10 and I need to know how can I get an other warranty and I ran out of time?

  • Craig Says:

    I've been doing this since xp except I closed explorer and do run command "explorer"

  • Marsch2 Says:

    There is a typo in one of the sentences. Believe "things" should be "thinks" in the sentence "Once it does, the computer things it’s been rebooted"

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