How to Change Your Desktop Background in Windows 10

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How to Change Your Desktop Background in Windows 10

It's not the blue Windows 10 wallpaper isn't nice to look at, but it's more fun to choose what background you want on your desktop. You are going to be the one staring at the screen all day and maybe you don't want to be peering at a dark blue logo all day. Here's how to change your background in Windows 10.

1. Click on the Windows icon in the lower left of your screen right next to the search bar.

  How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10         

2. Click on Settings in the list on the left.

How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10


3. Click on Personalization, fourth on the list.

How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10


4. Click on Background. The background page will come up which allows you to preview your background picture and lets you choose from several photos or your own photos for your desktop background.

How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10


5. Click on the box underneath Background to choose between a picture, solid color, or slideshow for your background.

How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10


6. Underneath Choose your picture, click on one of the options or click Browse to choose one from your computer. Click on whatever photo you want and it will appear as your desktop background.

How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10

How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10


7. If you don't like the layout of the photo you can click on the box underneath Choose a fit to choose between fill, fit, stretch, tile, or center options for your background.

 How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10

How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 10


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  • Samad Says:

    Salad arish farhat
    Lemon Google

  • JimBro Says:

    Hi. My screen is black.Meaning that I am writing with white on black. How to change it in white?

  • Olivia Paccione Says:

    Thanks so much i have a new laptop

  • aleks Says:

    Nice,but how to change the image from the theme? Let's say I don't want slideshow only one image?

  • Mildred J. Meaders Says:

    At one time, I had a picture of fall leaf colors on my desk top. I would like to have that again if possible.

  • Dianne Says:

    Currently my background color is black and the print is white. I would like to reverse this..white background and black print

  • Luna denzoil Says:

    And i also cant click on window icon

  • Luna denzoil Says:

    I have worst desktop setting of my laptop window 10 i don't know how it happened but helplessness is on its peak now my desktop has vanished and some pinned icons have appeared which are persistent! Aah! ABD can help?

  • Jerry Says:

    There is no Windows 10 Icon on my taskbar.
    Besides my taskbar is not at the bottom.
    This must have been written by one of the deadbeats that created this damn Windows10®
    Bring back XP.

  • Margaret Tobin Says:

    This is great advice. And it always works. For a very short time. Sometimes a few hours. Sometimes maybe as long as a day. But, inevitable, after the computer goes to sleep, and I come to use it, there it is again - the unasked for, unwanted sometimes shocking, photograph that I do no want. As much as I love otters, or mountain goats, or fall colours, I don't want them unless I ask for them to be there. I want a solid colour background where I can read my programs from the screen with ease - and I want it to stay FOREVER!

  • RPitchford Says:

    Um, almost there.
    Now that you have set the picture to center, how do you change the black behind the photo to some other color?
    This used to be easy to do, now, not so much...

  • Donna Says:

    There are not sufficient words to express how much I HATE Windows 10.

  • Jeyakkani Says:

    Choose a fit is not working. How to set it right?

  • KEvin Says:

    Thanks for the help :D your a good man :D

  • Terry Says:

    I hate the screens that show up when I log on. They are dark and depressing, rocks, frogs, waterfalls all dark. Help!

  • mb123 Says:

    I'm in windows 10th level of HELL.

  • Charlie Knight Says:

    Thanks, Windows 10 seems to be one of the worst things Microsoft has put out , even worse than millennial. So thanks for helping me sort of hide some of it's sheer ugliness and inability to function well.

  • Victor Gamil Says:

    I have tried to change the background with no success. I wish to have a slideshow of a file of pictures in my computer. I have done the steps you say but nothing happens, it continues to pick pictures at random from my files. There is no 'apply' button. Am I missing something?

  • Varga Istvan Sandor Says:

    Hi. My screen is black.Meaning that I am writing with white on black. How to change it in white?

  • Sway (why does my name have to be more than 5 characters to post?) Says:

    On my Lenovo it doesn't allow me to pick a photo that I put on my computer. It only has factory options, not what I want.

  • Russell Says:

    Those were the steps I thought would work as well. However each time I log into my laptop the background reverts to the old background. I changed the lock screen and it stayed what I selected.

  • Pauline Says:

    I used to get a different picture every day when I switched my ASUS laptop on. Now I just ge the same one. How do I revert back so I get a different one every day.

  • Jasmine Says:

    I followed this step but then each time i shut down and start up my computer it goes back to a white background. How do I save this theme and ensures it always uses this theme each time I start my computer?

  • Marisol Says:

    Can you please advise me how to change the color of my desktop but at the same time I want to keep the picture the way it is.



  • JamesL Says:

    I upgrade for free to WIN10 from 8.1. Now in 10 I can't delete a photo in Personalization. I no longer have the pic stored on my computer. Can I still delete a WIN10 photo from Personalization? I can't locate info if/how I can, thanks a lot James

  • James in Baltimore Says:

    Apparently just right-clicking on a photo and then "set as desktop background" as it was in Windows 7 was WAY too easy; they had to add 7 more steps to do the exact same thing. Someone pleases tell me why.

  • samir Says:

    how to make the desktop background changeable? it was rotating , it stops by it self, by the way I had window 7, suddenly it start to change to window 10, I was happy from window 7 why Microsoft change it 10 ??? I used tu manage w 7 very good, now every thing new and complicated, the worse what I had ever seen

  • samir Says:

    window 10 is so complicated moreover nothing worthy to be changed from window 7, it is worse

  • Rhonda Says:

    I can't get into w10 it says my password is wrong ,change that now it says couldn't finish loading window. I have tried to restore but it won't let me it just goes right back to couldn't finish loading w10 how do I fix this

  • Jennifer Says:

    How do you change the desktop background colour, yours is black and mine is orange and i would like to change it but i don't know how to. PLEASEE HELP !!

    - Jennifer

  • j384476 Says:

    to change the solid background color behind the picture, change Background to 'Solid', pick a color, and then go change the Background to Picture. its a lot harder than it was in win7.

  • Daniel Says:

    I too would really like to know this! Most photos look better with a black background, but not ALL photos do....

  • Eudimonia Says:

    Hi, would you please know if there is a way to change the black background color behind the centered photo??? Thanks...

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