How to Pin Your Favorite Websites to the Taskbar with Microsoft Edge

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In Recent updates, Microsoft has made the Taskbar an accessible extension of our day-to-day use cases. Aside from the ability to add friends using Microsoft’s “My People,” one of my favorite ways to use the taskbar is to add sites I visit regularly.

hero copy (2)
With just a click of the mouse, I now have access to some of my favorite sites at a glance.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
    open copy (2)
  2. Type in the URL to your favorite site, and click enter.
    url copy
  3. Click the ellipsis (...) icon on the right-hand side to open a dropdown menu.

    ellipsis copy copy

  4. Scroll down and find Pin this page to the Taskbar. Click it to add the page to the Taskbar. Alternatively, you could also use the same steps to pin the page to the Start menu. Just click the link you’d like from the dropdown.

    pin copy

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