How to Create Desktop Shortcuts for Web Pages Using Chrome

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Everyone has a favorite web page that they navigate to as soon as they open their web browser. Whether it's Facebook, Tumblr or your most beloved tech site (this one) we all have that one page that we consider more important than the rest.

But opening our browser and clicking the bookmark to our beloved David Hasselhoff fan page is so time consuming. We want to known what's happening in the Hoff's life now, not two seconds from now.

Thankfully, Google's Chrome allows you to create application shortcuts for your favorite web pages that can be added directly to your desktop, start menu or taskbar, letting you jump from your desktop to a web page in one click.

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  1. Navigate to your favorite page and click the wrench icon in the right corner of the screen.

  2.  Scroll down to Tools and select Create Application Shortcuts.


  3.  From the dialogue box, choose whether you want the shortcut to appear on your Desktop, in your Start menu or pinned to your Taskbar. 


  4. Click create and your shortcut will appear.
It's worth pointing out that pages opened using shortcuts are stripped of the traditional navigation tools including a browser bar. 

You can, however, click the top left corner of the screen and select Open Browser Window to open a new window in Chrome.
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Daniel P. Howley
Daniel P. Howley, LAPTOP Senior Writer
A newspaper man at heart, Dan Howley wrote for Greater Media Newspapers before joining He also served as a news editor with ALM Media’s Law Technology News, and he holds a B.A. in English from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.
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  • R.M.Ratnayake Says:

    I wish have a shortcut to google Crome on task bar of my laptop

  • Franklin Mitchell Says:

    I just want a google chrome icon on my dock (or if not then desktop).
    I have an Icon for safari so why not google?

  • Paul Roberts Says:

    Just reinstalled Chrome and shortcut to my favourite radio station has disappeared from my desktop. Now I am unable to create a shortcut - despite following all previous suggestions.

  • SkagitDoug Says:

    Instead of a gear it's now a red circle with a white arrow pointing upward, located at the far edge of the edge of the window to the right of the address field.

    I just saw this change when reading your uestion.

  • Aaron C Irby Says:

    I have no wrench icon on my Google Chrome browser. Is this out of date or is there an additional setting hidden somewhere that I can't find?

  • myklj Says:

    This works great for a desktop icon to check or Compose email w/o changing the current screen or tab. In Chrome, open Gmail, clicked open the control grid, select -More Tools -Add to desktop, give it a name and check 'Open as window' box. In that new mail screen you can click top left for more options like Find or Print.

  • SkagitDoug Says:

    Why not just click on the 'secure' [closed lock] icon at the left of the address field and drag it to the desktop?

    Then, if you wish, right-click on the newly-created shortcut and select 'Rename'?

  • SkagitDoug Says:

    When I create shortcuts using Firefox, the shortcut icon is the same is the page for which the icon was created.

    Is there a setting to enable the same icon when creating shortcut icons in Chrome?

    This limitation of Chrome is so annoying I use Firefox to create desktop shortcuts to page, even though my default Windows browser is Chrome, and that's where the shortcut created in Firefox open.

    Thanks for any simple work-around you can offer!

  • Gail Et Says:

    Chrome has changed. Go to the page you want to save then click on Customize & control (3 stacked dots in upper right). Scroll down to More Tools, click on that & then click Add to desktop

  • RawWg Says:

    There is NO "click the wrench icon" in Chrome ! ! ! ! !

  • Wally Says:

    Jason Taylor - get off my lawn. Three Dot upper left menu in chrome > more tools > Add to Desktop

  • Jason Taylor Says:

    Absolutely pathetic that a simple function that was so easy to use in the past has now completely vanished and you have to go through multiple steps to save the shortcut to the desktop - I stand my ground that there are a bunch of 18 year olds with no common sense working in the programming department at Google, Microsoft, Apple and the likes!

  • Atomrimam Shamaki Says:

    It look as if I am in a right position, it look good to me.

  • EEzra Says:

    Brandon Rojo suggestion did the trick.

  • Janice O'Malley Says:

    There is no wrench, just a blue star.

  • Kronic Says:

    So right clicking the page you're on and choosing create shortcut wasn't good enough. The stupid morons had to complicate it with drop down menus and new wording. STOP COMPLICATING CRAP, SIMPLE IS BETTER YOU CORPORATE TOOLS.

  • bill west Says:

    Sorry, when I click on Setting, I get Tools and than create Desk Shortcut...but that created Icon takes me to Google Bookmark NO NO I need the selected Web Page Please Bill

  • Fernando Melo Says:

    I enjoyed your tips very much. Thank you!

  • Brandon Rojo Says:

    Credit to Axel Moor:

    The feature 'Create application shortcut...' is still there.
    1. at address bar, go to [ chrome://flags ];
    2. find 'Enable the new bookmark app system' using CTRL + F ;
    For other languages, check Axel Moor's August 24th answer: Danske (Danish), Español (Spanish), Français (French), Português-PT/BR (Portuguese-PT/BR);

    3. change the flag status at drop-down menu from 'Default' (or 'Enabled') to [ Disabled v ];
    4. click the [ RELAUNCH NOW ] button at the bottom, Chrome will restart;
    5. check the 'More tools >' once again, the 'Create application shortcut...' item is restored;

  • Kevin W. Says:

    I'm increasingly convinced that you guys give us directions like this when our menu bears no resemblance to what you show us, simply to drive people insane.

  • Kevin W. Says:

    Naturally my Chrome looks nothing like what you describe, there is no "create application shortcuts" under tools.

  • Roy Sampley Says:

    I still do not know how to put an ICON on desktop to go directly to Gmail. I have one that could take me to BrightHouse Email, but that is not effective. May I substitute--there? OR HOW?

  • Beverly Says:

    @Jorge... You've got it right. THANK YOU for your simple instructions!! Only the old Chrome version has the wrench and the create application shortcut options. Good page but needs a serious update on how to do this now. It's nowhere to be found under the 3 horizontal lines tab that is there now instead of the wrench.

  • Kira X Says:

    Sorry! Forgot to mention my million thanks go to "Jorge".

  • Kira X Says:

    After reading all the complicated other instructions, your way was so easy.
    Thanks a million.

  • Jorge Says:

    Best way to make shortcuts to desk top is: Reduce the page so you can see the desk top, highlight the address above and drag it to the desk top...Bingo!

  • mike roger Says:

    don't have a wrench icon to creat a shortcut on desktop--it used to be easy by using the costomize grid at right top of page 'til you people fucked it up---unhappy

  • Steve Callahan Says:

    Thanks jj. your way is even simpler than IE.

  • Steve Callahan Says:

    How do you do this on windows 10. "Tools" isn't there, and when you hover over "more tools", it still isn't there.

  • James Reynolds Says:

    As I stated in my previous comment, I had to look elsewhere because the information you gave, was limited to a minority of Chrome was not wrong information, just out dated. Enclosed is the updated info that will serve more Chrome Users & (hopefully) bring more people to your website. Why am I doing this? because that is the kind of person I am...helpful as much as I can be.

    So for those that do not have the wrench in the top right corner of your screen/monitor, here is what you do.

    1. Using the current option, add it to taskbar
    2. Go to chrome://apps/
    3. Right click on that item and click "Create Shortcuts"
    4. You will get option to add to desktop from here ;)
    5. After adding it to desktop, you can get rid of it by again right clicking and "Remove from chrome"


    I am not the author of this, I got this from!topic/chrome/3A5ZTe-HrVE
    And the person's name was
    Tejas Tanna. he/she is the author of these directions.

  • James Reynolds Says:

    I know that you are trying to be good at what you do, but I have Google Chrome, & there is no wrench in the upper right corner, there is no option to create application shortcuts, and the only option I have available to me, is to pin the webpage to the task bar...which I do NOT want. I want a shortcut on my desktop.

    I thank you for trying Sir, but I obviously must search elsewhere, for you do not have the info I need for this application.

  • eleanor Says:

    How can I create a shortcut from bookmarks on google chrome to my desktop as they no longer appear to be using the previous, very simple method, which is most unfortunate.?
    Thanks for your help,

  • jeanette Says:

    that would be great only there is no wrench anymore on my chrome browser what have you guys done with it...and can you please bring it back

  • Maria Says:


    I just tried it too.
    So I just clicked on "add to taskbar".

  • Diana Says:

    When I click on the 3 horizontal lines, I do not have Tools - only More Tools. Thus I do not have "Create Application shortcut", which I want.

  • Blazoner Says:

    Don't forget, you can also use tags by adding them to the end of your shortcut.
    For example if you want to run netflix in fullscreen, add --start-fullscreen to the end of the netflix shortcut.
    Happy Computing! :)

  • Cher Says:

    Thank you, you saved me a lot of frustration.

    My screen had the 3 horizontals lines, rather than the wrench symbol, as mentioned by someone else.

  • Cat Says:

    Thanks. Worked great!!

  • Aphrodite Says:

    Thanks Daniel, this is helpful.

  • aaalarkin Says:

    what the problem is how to remove/delete desktop shortcut that was created. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?The google tool DID NOT provide menu for reversal (in other words). can you help please. thank you.

  • JerryD Says:

    People keep singing the praises of Chrome but wow this is a ridiculous process for a simple shortcut. Know what you gotta do in IE??? Right Click, ANYWHERE (blank space) on the page and choose Create Shortcut.....what is so hard about this that Chrome and FireFox have to make this such a pain in the butt?

  • Ronna Says:

    When i click on the wrench i get "your toolbar comes with these cool preselected apps" then lists twitter, facebook etc--- it is in a blue and grey frame-how do it get the options that you are showing?

  • jj Says:

    much easier way, say you Google search e bay or face book , from the search page just grab it and pull it to your desktop,it creates the shortcut, you can then pin them to your browser icon in the task bar so when you right click on say chrome all your shortcuts are there . Way easier than all the steps above :)

  • Trina Says:

    VERY useful STUFF! I kept hitting 'save as' in the drop down and it was causing my desktop AND files to fill up with JUNK and multiple folders/pages! THANKS SO VERY MUCH! AND to the person who said 'remove the app from the target!' very brilliant! :)

  • master Says:

    Thanks, Elly I was looking to create shortcut with chrome browser which i manage to do after following the steps given by you.

  • elly Says:

    There is a way to create your shortcut to have it open the browser with url and buttons.

    After you created your shortcut.
    Right click on the icon you created on your desktop and select properties.
    In the target part find "--app=http://...." and REMOVE only "--app=". Press apply and ok.

    Now clicking the icon will open your website in the chrome browser

  • Matt Says:

    On some versions of chrome the "wrench" is a button with 3 horizontal lines. The button is found in the right hand corner and matches the spot in the authors article where the wrench is.

  • Phil Says:

    Sorry. My Chrome does not have a wrench icon.

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