How to Sync Google Chrome Across All of your Devices

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Google's Chrome is officially the most popular browser on the Internet and with good reason. Chrome has several unique features, the best of which is its ability to sync your personal settings across multiple devices. But before you can start viewing your tabs and bookmarks on your laptop and smartphone, you'll have to make some changes to your browser settings.

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  • To get started, sign into Chrome from your Mac or PC and click the wrench icon in the top right corner of the screen.


  • Select Settings from the drop down menu and choose Advanced sync settings.

  • From the drop down box select Sync everything and Click OK at the bottom of the screen.

The next time you sign into your Chrome account on any PC, Mac or Android device, all of your settings, favorites and bookmarks will automatically carry over. Android Ice Cream Sandwich users will also be able to sync open tabs across devices.
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  • Bob Cromie Says:

    The instructions at the top re: synching seem straightforward but when I sign into Chrome I don't see the Wrench that is shown in the screenshot. I am on a MAC Mini and iPhone XR. Any thoughts?

  • Sharlene Says:

    My boyfriend bought a new note 4 and has been tryin to sign in to google from yesterday and it keeps showin him tht unfortunately google play services has stopped..he cant access anything on the phone that has to do with please

  • Ann Wilkinson Says:

    Hello, I have a laptop and smartphone both connected to Google and Gmail and sync ok, I want to add my tab Samsung Galaxy note but no where shows me how to do it. I have changed password but the tab says its not right but the smartphone and laptop are fine. Please can you help me connect the tab please. My husband has walked away and wont help me

  • JacGeo Says:

    I trying very hard to configure our company email account to Android phone (smart) but finding it difficult to do any help will be appreciated our server is chrome mail

  • Harry Flashman Says:

    I tried this but it had the opposite effect from what I intended. I spend a lot of time organizing the book marks on my PC. But then hoping to sync from Chrome on my PC I select Sync Bookmarks. What happened was I lost all my folders with my carefully selected and organized bookmarks and ended up with all the rubbish on my phone. The weird thing is now my phone has the organized version of my bookmarks that I originally set up on my PC. How do I now push this set up from my phone back to my PC?

  • Mike Says:

    i have an iPad. I have chrome installed on it.
    I have bookmarks on my android phone. Only some of my bookmarks show up on my ipad

  • Anthony Says:

    Oddly, the tab Advanced Sync Settings is missing from my Chrome on a new W7 machine I am trying to sync. On an earlier machine with W7 and Chrome, it is right there as illustrated.

    What could possibly explain such invisibilty? Both are the latest Chromes.

  • Ty Says:

    If only it worked! I have a PC and a Laptop. I enter the same email and password into Chrome on both computers. It asks if I wan't to import Bookmarks, etc., into both of these devices from Internet Explorer. It imports them. The themes are not syncted between computers. Never has done. If I re-install Windows 7, I have to used new themes. It has never worked. The "Choose another identity" makes no sense. If you do this and use clone Chrome browsers they all finish up with the same theme - the last one chosen. When you reboot, you get the wrong themes on the wrong browsers. You have to sign in with the same email and password but with more identities it says this email has already been used and signs you in anyway. The whole backup system is weird. It is better to only sync the main chrome browser and never sign in on your clone browsers. That way it cannot interfere with your themes. Bookmarks are the same across all of your browsers so use Internet store anyway. I give is zero out of ten. Useless!

  • lnschroder Says:

    Chrome Sync does not work in real life!
    Why: well it is not able to make your bookmark available online within reasonable time.
    What is wrong: Too slow -Throttled speed of upload.
    Result: total chaos, It may take week to upload your bookmarks (as little as 2000 in 24 hours).
    Now either wait for week to enable sync on browser 1, 2, 3 etc. or watch chaos build up when none of the browser are up to date with the bookmarks. When nothing is in sync any change is a new bookmark in stead of a revision.
    Bug known: Apparently yes, well known for year, but never been fixed by google or chromium.

  • Jimmy Says:

    It doesn't work.. On my ICS Mobile Phone, Chrome can't sync because it gives an error about sync decryption...

  • Jarrod Says:

    Here's my directions...sign into Google on all your devices and...done.

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