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chrome logoGoogle’s Chrome has become one of the most popular web browsers thanks to its library of extensions that provide extra functionality. It’s often one of the first programs users download when they buy a new computer.

While Chrome is popular among the masses, it boasts a number of advanced features that take time to learn and settings buried behind menus. We put together a list of how-to’s and tips to help you make the most of Google’s browser, including reducing its infamous memory usage, silencing tabs with background video and even adding an emergency button for when your boss comes around.

Check out the table of contents below to learn how to master Chrome.

Chrome Browser Tips

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  • James Edward Battle Says:

    I use my phone to travel, it's very distracting when im looking at my GPS, and it blank out for a useless commercial.
    I am not interested in any ads at all delete them, and stop playing Big Brother. Privacy please. It just did it while trying to leave this comment. It should be against the law, i paid my phone bill. Not for Chrome to take over my phone PLEASE STOP.

  • Lisa Nurse Says:

    I want to remove ad from popping up on my phone

  • Abdulrahman Says:


  • Jerry Says:

    I still think Chrome is the best browser out there. It's fast and the extension support is great. I'm using the extensions, LastPass and AdBlock to power up my browsing experience.

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