How to Show Frames Per Second in Chrome

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With more and more 3D games and impressive HTML5 tools coming to browsers, you may wonder if your browser is delivering optimal performance. Through an experimental feature in Google's Chrome browser, you can find out how many frames per second are being generated to bring you a silky smooth or stuttering picture.

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1. Open Chrome.

fps1 42758

2. Type chrome://flags in the Omnibox. Note the warnings at the top of the page.

fps2 35752

3. Scroll down and enable "FPS counter."

fps3 675403

4. Restart Chrome. Your frames per second will be shown in a box in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

fps4 675264.86013986014

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  • Devon M. Scott Says:

    The FPS Counter has been removed as an experiment, these instructions are no longer valid. You can no longer have the FPS Counter on permanently as it's only meant for developers. To enable the FPS Counter Press F12 (Most School Districts and Businesses disable Developer Tools in Google Chrome). On the top right of the Developer Tools select the three dots, select more tools and then click Rendering. Once you are on that area of the console select the checkbox to the left of FPS Meter.

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