How to Enable Desktop Gmail Notifications in Chrome

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On your phone, you get an alert every time a new Gmail message arrives. However, when you're working on your Windows PC, you only see new messages when you're actively looking at your inbox. Fortunately, by installing a simple extension, you can get alerts that pop up in your system tray, even  if your Chrome browser is closed.  Here's how to enable desktop Gmail notifications in Chrome.


Navigate to the Gmail Notifier page in the Chrome extensions store. 

2. Click Add to Chrome.



3.  Click Add when prompted to confirm.



4.  Click on the extension icon to sign into your gmail account and connect it to the notifications. If the icon is already red and shows a number of  unread messages, you're already logged in.



Once you sign in, the blue letter image becomes red and shows you the number of unread emails you have. Click on the image to cycle through your unread emails within the window.

This extension also allows you to open settings and/or go straight to your inbox. You can also choose to directly archive and delete emails or mark them as read or spam.


 When someone sends you a new email, you will now receive notifications at the bottom right of your screen. The notification tells you who the sender and subject is.


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  • bonnie Says:

    I don't want a popup alert. I need an audible alert from my laptop, same as I get on my android phone.

  • Suresh K Says:

    Is there an option for getting yahoomail notifications and sound alert for yahoo on google chrome? please note I am using windows 10

  • Annoyed Says:

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is a download and there is no enabling done at all here. That's quite different. Your article is misleading and to be quite honest, I get sick and tired of headlines that lie just to get a hit. It wastes my time and is an annoyance.

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