How to Put Chrome in High Contrast Mode

If you have trouble reading on white backgrounds or require high-contrast to see clearly, you can use an extension to make text easier to read in Chrome. If you're using your laptop in a sunny area (ex: next to a window), having a light font on a dark web page can make it much easier to read. High Contrast, an extension made by Google, "inverts" colors so that white text shows up on black backgrounds.

 Here's how to install and use High Contrast:

 1. Click "Add to Chrome" on the High Contrast extension in the Chrome Web Store.

 2. Click "Add extension" in the resulting pop-up.

 3. Click on the new icon in the top right-hand corner of the browser. You will be able to pick a variety of options, including setting the color scheme to invert, grayscale, yellow on black or simply disabling the extension.

 Pages will appear in the new color scheme (with the exception of photos). Click on the icon again at any time to change your settings, or use the keyboard shortcuts listed in the extension to make changes.

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