How to Hide Your Chrome Browsing From Your Boss

We know you work hard, but sometimes you need a break. But if your boss walks by while you're doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, you could be in trouble. With a nifty Chrome extension called PanicButton, you can make it look like you're doing work in just one click or keystroke. When the coast is clear, you can get back to your fun.

Note that this won't hide your browsing history from your company, though.

Here's how to hide your Chrome browsing from your boss:

1. Click "Add To Chrome" on PanicButton in the Chrome Web Store.

2. Right-click the PanicButton icon, then click Options in the top right corner of the browser.

3. Set a keyboard shortcut, a safe page and other options in the menu. My safe page is the Laptop Mag homepage.

4. Click the extension button or press your keyboard shortcut to hide activity from your boss. All of your tabs will be hidden.

5. Click the extension button or press your keyboard shortcut again to restore your previous activity when the coast is clear. The pages will refresh, so you may lose your crossword puzzle progress (a small price to pay for keeping your job).

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