How to Enable Do Not Track in Chrome

You're tracked all over the Web, but sometimes asking politely will cause the behavior to stop. Do Not Track is built into most major web browsers, signaling to web sites that you don't want your browsing history logged by advertisers or publishers. All it takes to communicate your anti-tracking preference is checking a box, but the option is buried in Chrome's settings. Checking the box doesn't guarantee that any site will listen to your request (Google says it doesn't), but it can't hurt to make your voice heard.

Here's how to enable Do Not Track in Chrome:

1. Open Chrome.

2. Type "chrome://settings" in the Omnibox.

3. Click "Show advanced settings" at the bottom.

4. Click the Do No Not Track check box in the "Privacy" section.

5. Click "OK" in the resulting pop-up.

From here on out, you are sending Do Not Track requests when using Chrome. Sites you visit may or may not listen to the request, but your voice is heard.

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