How to Calibrate Your Monitor in Windows 10

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Want to make sure photos, videos, and games look their absolute best on your screen? Calibrating your monitor is the key. Monitor calibration ensures colors and black levels are as accurate as possible, and you can do it easily with Windows' built-in tool.

We'll use the Windows Color Management settings to walk through the steps of calibrating your display. The steps below are for Windows 10, but the calibration tool is also available in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Before you start, make sure your monitor has been on for at least half an hour, so it's warmed up properly, and clean your monitor.

1. Right-click on the desktop and select Display settingsdisplay settings

2. Click "Advanced display settings" at the bottom of the settings window.

display settings advanced3. Verify that your monitor is set to the recommended, native resolution. If it's not, set it to the recommended resolution at least for this calibration process.

display settings resolution

4. Click "Color calibration" at the bottom of the advanced display settings window.

display settings color calibration5. Click Next to start the color calibration.


The wizard will walk you through adjusting your color settings. You'll:

  • Set the display to the factory default color settings, if your monitor allows you to do that
  • Adjust your display's gamma to match a sample image
    calibration gamma
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast
    calibration brightness
  • Adjust the color balancecalibration balance6. At the end of the wizard, click Finish to save your settings.

calibration finishYou'll then be able to calibrate ClearType for sharper text.

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  • gyp12 Says:

    Type calibration into the windows search bar on the bottom left and then click on 'calibrate display color' which comes up.

  • Karen Van Der Westhuizen Says:

    This is pointless on a laptop because you don't have contrast and brightness controls

  • Vincent Savoretti Says:

    This doesn't work anymore, clicking "advanced settings" only brings up a menu with some information on your display (NOT where this information should be stored) and then an option for "Display adapter properties for Display 1"

  • GettinWrecked Says:

    @Noway Really, sir? I just smoked 2 blunts and got through this on 2 monitors in about 25 minutes. I feel like the colors are much more in tune now. But, I guess we shall see come the sober morning ;)

    Thank you gentlemen for this post, very helpful. Cheers!

  • Noway Says:

    This wasn't helpful at all. It doesn't tell you what buttons to press to adjust these things. This just displays the images.

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