How to Open Websites from the Windows 10 Taskbar

Opening web directly from the Taskbar may not sound like the biggest deal, but it'll save you at least one click, and all of those clicks add up. Also, you've probably got the space to spare in your Taskbar, unless you've got a ton of applications open all the time.

Another trick that you gain by adding an address field to the taskbar is that you'll be able to open file directories from that field, as long as you know their path. Here's how to add an address field to open websites from the Windows Taskbar. 

1. Right-click the unused space in the Taskbar. 

2. Select Toolbars.

3. Select Address.

4. Type an address into the Address toolbar and hit Enter. Pages open using your default web browser, and you can click the downward arrow to show your history. 

You've opened a website from the Windows Toolbar.

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