How to Provide Remote Tech Support From Your Chromebook

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If you've ever helped out a tech-clumsy friend or family member with their computer from afar, you know that troubleshooting is much easier when you can see the distressed person's screen. Just imagine trying to tell your pop-up weary mother how to install an ad-blocker over the phone. It's much easier to take over her computer and do it yourself. 

With your Chromebook and the Chrome web broswer, you can connect to Mom's PC to see her screen and put yourself in the driver's seat. All you need is the Chrome Remote Desktop app and a few seconds. Here's how you do it.

Install the Chrome Remote Desktop

Tell your friend or family member to follow these steps to allow remote access. If you have a friend who frequently asks for help, be sure to install this on their PC the next time you see them.

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser .
  2. Enter into the URL bar to navigate to the Google Chrome Webstore.
  3. Search for the Chrome Remote Desktop app within the Chrome Webstore.
  4. Select Add to Chrome to the right of the Chrome Remote Desktop.
  5. Select Add in the dialogue box that appears.

    The Chrome Remote Desktop app now automatically appears in the list of apps on the Chrome homescreen.
  6. Click the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the list of apps on their Chrome homescreen.
  7. Select Continue in the dialogue box that explains you must grant extended permissions on this PC or Mac in order to access it remotely.
  8. Select Allow Access to confirm that you are granting the Chrome Remote Desktop app access to several settings and features.
  9. Select “Get started” under Remote Assistance.

How Your Friends Can Share Their Screens

  1. Select Share from the options beneath Remote Assistance.
  2. Send the access code that appears to the person who will take control of the computer (that's probably you).


To Access a Shared Computer

  1. Select Access from the options beneath Remote Assistance.
  2. Enter the access code. (Note: This will be supplied by the operator of the PC you want to access.)

    When the code is entered click Connect, you’ll be able to view and control the screen of your friend or family member's  computer.
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