How to Snap Windows in Chrome OS

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Snapping windows is a great way to keep your desktop clean and organized when you're performing multiple tasks at once. Just like Windows 10 and macOS, Chrome OS makes it easy to snap windows to your desktop in a few clicks, or with a keyboard shortcut.

Here's how to snap windows in Chrome OS.

1. Open your tasks in separate tabs.

screenshot 2018 01 24 at 3.20.59 pm

2. Drag a window to either the extreme right or left of the screen until you see a gray outline. That is where the window will snap.

screenshot 2018 01 24 at 3.21.23 pm

2a. Alternatively, click and hold the maximize buttons until arrows appear on either side. Click the arrow in the direction you want to snap your window.image 2818381516825772

3.  Use the keyboard shortcut Alt+[ -- or Alt+].

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After you've split the screen between two tabs, hover your cursor on the dividing line between the screens to show the adjustment bar.

image 2818381516826188

Clicking and dragging that bar to the left and right will shrink and enlarge the windows, following the direction your cursor moves.

screenshot 2018 01 24 at 3.24.25 pm

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