How to Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Wallpaper

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You spend a lot of time on the desktop of your Chromebook. Better make that system's wallpaper something worth looking at. Like Windows and Apple laptops, Chromebooks include plenty of wallpaper options for your aesthetic pleasure, including beautiful landscape shots, architectural landmarks and photogenic animals. You can also set your own pictures to be the wallpaper. Whichever option you want, here's how you can switch out that old backdrop for something a little more novel.

1. Click your account icon in the bottom right corner

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2. Select Settings

image 2113031516648185
3. Click Wallpaper

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4. You could pick any of Google's pre-loaded backgrounds, but let's have some fun and Click Custom to use an image we saved from a website.

image 2113031516648410

5. Click the + button.

image 2113031516648462

6. Click Choose File.image 2113031516648930

7. Pick the image file and hit Open

image 2113031516649016
8. To adjust how the image appears, Click Center Cropped.image 2113031516649194

9. Select a position, for our sake, we'll try Center, which zooms in larger images.

image 2113031516649425

10. Close out of all windows.

image 2113031516649530

You've changed your desktop background!

desktop finish
Your desired image is now the new wallpaper.