How to Unlock Chromebooks Using a PIN Number

Each and every time you unlock a Chromebook, it requires you to type in your Google password. This can be an incredibly onerous process if your Google password is a complex, hard-to-guess password, the kind that we recommend you use. Instead, you can set your Chromebook to be unlocked from sleep with a PIN number.

Before you can take these steps, though, you'll need to enable Chrome OS Developer Mode first. After that, here's how to set your Chromebook to be unlocked with a PIN number.

1. Open chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin.

2. Click Default.

3. Select Enabled.

4. Click Restart Now in the bottom right corner to restart your computer. 

5. Click the menu icon.

6. Click Settings.

7. Under people, click Screen lock.

8. Enter your password.

9. Select PIN or password.

10. Enter a PIN and click Continue.

11. Confirm your PIN and click Confirm.

Now when you go to unlock your computer from sleep, you can login with a PIN number.

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