How to Use Skype on a Chromebook

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Chrome OS makes it easy to make calls or hold chats with Google Hangouts, but what if you want to communicate with someone on Skype? While early versions of the Skype for web didn't allow it, you can now make video calls with Skype on a Chromebook. Here’s how.

1. Open Chrome and navigate to You will be redirected to a sign in page.

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2. Enter your username, email account or phone number.

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3. Enter your password and click Sign in.

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4. Choose a friend to chat with, or press + to add a new one

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5. Click the camera icon to start a video call, or the phone icon to start an audio call.

image 2815961516644455

You're making Skype calls on a Chromebook!

screenshot 2018 01 22 at 12.56.42 pm

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  • Jonathan Moser Says:

    Lately for me, the application has worked extremely well using an older Acer C-710 Chromebook in developer mode, even though Google claims to have stopped supporting this netbook.

  • Andres Bedoya Cortes Says:

    Since this year is possible in asus chromebook flip and other chromebooks to install playstore on it.

    With that, office, adobe (edit), skype and so on are available to install.

  • Colin Says:

    What a useless article! I thought from the heading that you were going to teach us something!

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