How to Use Dropbox on Your Chromebook and Add it to File Manager

Just because you're using a Chromebook that doesn't mean you're limited to Google Drive. Dropbox is easily accessible via the web — and Chromebooks that support the Google Play store can use the storage service as an Android app — but if you want to go deeper, a third party open source extension called "File System for Dropbox" integrates your Dropbox files right into Chrome OS's file manager. It's not endorsed by Dropbox, and some user reviews claim it requires you sign back in on occasion, but it gets the job done.

Here's how to add Dropbox to the Chromebook file manager.

1. Click the Search button.

2. Open the Google Web Store. If the icon isn't immediately visible in this menu, type in "web store" as I did.

3. Type "File System for Dropbox" in the search box on in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Click "Add To Chrome" next to File System for Dropbox, which should be the first result. 

4. Click "Add app" in the confirmation pop-up.

5. Open the program by clicking on the "Successfully installed" notification. If this disappears before you can click it, click the search button and type "File System for Dropbox" to find it.

6. Click "mount" in the resulting window.

7. Sign-in to Dropbox with your email and password.

8. Click "Allow" when the extension asks for access to your Dropbox files.

9. You will see a "Mounted successfully" message.

10. In the Files app, you will find your Dropbox in the left pane.

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