How to Set Up Google Print on Your Chromebook

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screen shot 2018 01 25 at 12.34.12 pmCredit: Google

Paper is going the way of the DVD, but you still need to print out the occasional work document, digital concert ticket or online form. With your Chromebook, wireless printing to a network-attached or cloud-ready printer is just a matter of switching on a few settings, thanks to the Chrome Web browser and Google Cloud Print. This Web-based interface connects to the desk printer at home and the executive laser printer at work -- and lets you choose which device prints the file. Your printing -- no matter how seldom -- gets done fast and easy. Here’s how to set it up.

Set Up a Classic Network-Attached Printer

If your printer is connected to your computer via USB or a local access network, these are the instructions you’ll need to set up access via Google Print.

1. Launch Google Chrome on the computer attached to the same network as the printer. Make sure you are signed into your Google account within Chrome as on the Chromebook.
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2. Click the Menu button.

screen shot 2018 01 25 at 12.24.06 pm
3. Click Settings.

screen shot 2018 01 25 at 12.24.17 pm
4. Type "cloud print" into the search field.

screen shot 2018 01 25 at 12.24.26 pm

5. Select Manage Cloud Print devices.screen shot 2018 01 25 at 12.24.48 pm
6. Click Add printers. This will allow you to connect your Google Account to the Google Print service.

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7. Click Add printer(s).image 20505415169049038. Select Manage Your Printers. This will take you to Google Print.

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Select Printers from the menu on the left. Here you’ll see a list of printers connected to the computer you are using.

When you print something from the Chrome browser, these printers will appear as output destinations.
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Set up a Cloud-Ready Printer

If you have a cloud-connected printer, setup instructions vary by the brand of your printer. Don’t worry, Google has provided step-by-step instructions for every printer manufacturer with cloud-enabled hardware.

1. Follow steps 1 - 8 above.

2. Select Add a Cloud Ready Printer from the menu on the left side. This will take you to a Google Print page with instructions for cloud-enabled printers built by Canon, Dell, Epson, HP and Kodak.

image 2050541516905187
3. Find the manufacturer of your printer and follow the instructions to set up Google Print.

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How to Print Using Google Print

1. Select the menu icon in the top-right corner of the Chrome Web browser.

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2. Choose Print from the drop-down menu.

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3. Click Change... under Destination within the menu on the left side
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4. Pick the destination printer that works best for you.

image 2050541516906492
Tweak settings such as Page Range, Page Layout/Orientation, Margins, etc.

image 2050541516906892
Select Print from the options on the left side.

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