How to Keep Your Chromebook from Sleeping

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By default, all Chromebooks automatically go to sleep if left inactive for 6 minutes when unplugged (it's 8 minutes if it is plugged in). And while you can adjust the brightness level of the screen,  you cannot tweak display timeout settings on Chrome OS. That is, you cannot do so without a Chrome Extension, like Keep Awake. By following these instructions, you'll be able to keep your Chromebook from going to sleep. 

1. Navigate to

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2. Search for Keep Awake and click Free. 

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3. Click Add in the pop-up. 

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Once Keep Awake is installed a tiny moon will appear on the right side of your Chrome browser. As long as the moon is the icon, the Chromebook's display settings will remain unchanged. 
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4. Tap the moon to change it into a little sun, which indicates that the Chromebook will not go to sleep. 


5. Tap the sun to turn it into a sunset picture. The sunset indicates a setting where the Chromebook's display will go black to save battery power, but the Internet connection will remain active. 

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  • Terry Says:

    How to keep chromebook awake when browsing as a guest (after having added extension). Can do?

  • Phil Holm Says:

    This was extraordinarily helpful and very clearly/easily explained. Thank YOU!

  • mouses Says:

    Works perfect - keeps your chromebook from going to sleep as long as the lid is open.

    Looks like all the negative reviews are from people who expected this to keep their Chromebooks awake even with lid closed - which is not advertised at all.

    Thanks for the awesome plugin, does just what I want!

  • Ming Says:

    Thanks. It is very helpful, particularly when I need to video tape an hour long lesson.

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