How to Enable Chrome OS Developer Mode, Try New Features

Chrome OS may be Google's simple, minimalist operating system, but the company is still adding features to make it more useful for users. These features are often first found in Developer Mode, which isn't difficult to enable.

For example, users running Chrome OS in Developer mode can access a PIN Unlock feature, so they don't have to type in your entire Google password to unlock the display after putting the notebook to sleep. Here's how to enable Chrome OS's Developer Mode.

Chrome OS may warn you from using Developer mode, telling you it's not as stable as regular Chrome OS, but remember, you're already saving all of your files in the cloud. What's the worst that can happen: having to perform factory restore?

1. Open Chrome.

2. Click the Options button.

3. Click Settings.

4. Click "About Chrome OS."

5. Click "More info."

6. Click "Change channel."

7. Select Developer - unstable.

8. Click Change channel. Chrome OS will now download the Developer Version updates.

9. Click Restart.

When your Chromebook reboots, navigate to chrome://flags to see all the new things you can enable.

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