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Best 8th Gen Core Laptops You Can Buy Soon

Intel's 8th Gen Core will begin adding power to more laptops very soon. To start, some of our existing favorite laptops are getting the bump to 8th Gen, which Intel promises will deliver performance upgrades of up to 40 percent. We expect to see a wider variety of devices in a very short time. Here's what we're most looking forward to:

Dell XPS 13

Our current favorite overall laptop is getting a nice speed boost. Dell claims that between 8th Gen Core CPUs and its Dynamic Power Mode, users should get up to 44 percent more power. Otherwise, the laptop remains unchanged, which means you still have a laptop with a gorgeous edge-to-edge screen and comfy carbon-fiber finish. It will be available for you to buy on Sept. 12, with orders shipping out later that month.

Lenovo Yoga 920

Sure, the Yoga 920 will have more power than its predecessor, the Yoga 910, but it's also got new features. The far-field microphones will let you summon Cortana from up to 13 feet away, and it comes in three new colors: silver, bronze and copper, as well as special-edition Star Wars models. It will launch this October.

Acer Switch 7 Black Edition

Acer Switch 7 Black Edition

The spiritual successor to the Switch Alpha 12, this 2-in-1 features water cooling for a fanless design. It sports discrete graphics (Nvidia's MX150 GPU) and a kickstand that auto-deploys when placed on a table. Be on the lookout for this convertible in December.

Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe

One of the most beautiful laptops we've seen in a long time is getting an upgrade. The ZenBook 3 Deluxe will maintain its stunning looks and Thunderbolt 3 ports, but not much else is changing. Hopefully, the power efficiency of the 8th Gen Core processors will give this ultraportable a slight boost in battery life. No release date has been announced.

HP Spectre x360

HP's 15-inch premium convertible is getting a leg up in power. Besides jumping to 8th Gen CPUs, the company is moving from Nvidia 940MX graphics to a MX150 GPU. Like many other laptops with 8th Gen Core processors inside, the Spectre x360 seems to be just about the same as the last time we saw it. It will start shipping on Sept. 25. Image Credit: LaptopMag