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When: January 9-12
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Learn more: www.ces.tech

CES 2024 is approaching fast, and we're preparing for the biggest tech event of the year when it opens on January 9-12. Laptop Mag will be covering the show in-person, reporting on all of the latest gadgets and gizmos revealed throughout its massive halls. While our focus will be on laptops and anything adjacent, CES is a place where we see news on upcoming phones, gaming hardware, monitors, TVs, cameras, VR/AR/MR headsets, speakers, and much more. 

And regardless of where expectations lie, there's always some new, unbelievable technology in its early stages ready to be tested. Whether it's earrings you can make phone calls with, "smart perfume," a color-changing refrigerator and much more, this is the place for anything established and great or unproven and weird. If you're looking for the latest on CES, all the content you need is right here.

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