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Ultrabooks Wake in 3 Seconds, Download Updates While Asleep

Intel is pulling out all the stops to show that each of its Ultrabooks is more than just a pretty face. At the IDF Day 2 Keynote, the company showed how a lightweight Acer system could wake from hibernation in just 3 to 5 seconds using its Rapid Start technology, a standard feature on first-gen Ultrabooks. The notebook was also able to pick up where it left off, running videos and other tasks it had been performing when it went into hibernation.

Intel also demonstrated a feature it calls Smart Connect, which allows a sleeping Ultrabook to periodically wake and download fresh data. In the keynote demo, an Intel rep showed how a Toshiba Ultrabook, which had been asleep since Intel VP Mooley Eden's speech started, had downloaded a picture of him on stage, even while it was in suspend mode. 

Check out the video below to see both the Rapid Start and Smart Connect features in action.